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    I am lonely

    This academic brief consisted of creating a website for a social campaign. I decided to create my own focused on the catastrophically increase of loneliness in developing countries.

    When facing an issue such as creating a relatable and effective website to a group of people, from different cultures, languages and backgrounds, from a little kid to an elder, with nothing in common except a feeling that can’t be easily described; with no history of approaches to this problem, besides sharing stories on the internet, this has been an incredibly scary challenge.

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    Through personal and unforeseen barriers, I was lucky to have the opportunity to develop the project while constantly testing with participants that fit inside the user persona.
    While developing the website, its features and user interface, it was this constant testing that led to such an effective user experience.

    If I were to come back to this project, I would like to reconsider the initial visual identity for a more expressive and relatable one; one way to achieve this could be done via minimalistic drawings of abstract characters, that could appeal to all ages, similar to the characters from the show “Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends”;
    as well I would like to experiment more with the possibility of crafting a dynamic identity that its only consistency is its message.

    Overall, this project has given me a powerful insight into the UI/UX world and the innumerous possibilities of how an experience can connect with and influence its user. I believe that the website has been thoughtfully crafted and is ready to step forwards into the world as the first and the most effective website to use when fighting loneliness.


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